Bn 191

General Description:

The design, manufacturing and delivery of 8 No RCP Comtinuous Jacking Stystems for mounting in the Self Elevating unit “Nouvelle Route du Littoral” on “lle de la Reunion”. The scope of supply of Ravestein consists of:

• 8x square Jackhouses each approx. 16.0 x 7.0 x 6.0 mtr (h x l x w) complete fitted with the Jacking Systems.

• 8x spudlegs of length 55 mtr each fitted with spudcans.

• 4x 600 kW HPU modules & 1x central command system.

Main Dimensions:


  • Length 7.00 m
  • Width 7.00 m
  • Height 15.00 m

Spud Legs

  • Length/diameter 55.00 m / ∅ 3.00 m
  • Footings/spud cans 25.00 m²

Operation forces

  • Climbing in continuous mode up to 2.000 T/system
  • Climbing in non-continuous mode up to 4.000 T/system

Operation speeds

  • Continuous operation, speed 25.00 m/hr

Special Features:

Advanced damping system during leg touch down.

Class / Or Standard:

I 3/3 HULL MACH “Self Elevating Transport & Installation Vessel”

Date completed:

July 2015