Bn 164: FOR SALE

General Description:

The Modular Jack Up Dock is designed for docking of tugboats and barges up to 600 T, safely above any swell.

Main Dimensions:

  • Length 85.40 m
  • Width 21.95 m
  • Depth 2.45 / 1.80 m
  • Leg length 36.00 m
  • Vessels
  • Barges up to: 600T
  • Tugboats/workboats etc. 250T
  • Max. operational water depth 20.00 m

Special Features:

Dismountable for modular, easy worldwide transport. Directly available for purchase. Sister vessel of existing dock.

Class / Or Standard:

Buro Veritas.

Date completed:

October 2009, not used.